2017-Jul-27 8:52am
ME: RT : I'm queer and I served under Don't Ask, Don't Tell. If you got caught, if someone reported you-- you didn't get a cour…
ME: RT : I just published “Here’s what you get for free with a Progressive Web App” https://t.co/P8tn3TNEIO
ME: RT : He cut more than $9 billion from the Dept of Ed budget. https://t.co/VZnTd0ujG3
ME: RT : Eleven personal trips this year by Trump to Mar-A-Lago: $29 million Medical services for transgender people in the mil…
2017-Jul-26 10:34pm
ME: RT : "Trans people are too expensive" says the man who regularly uses huge amounts of taxpayer money to play golf and not live w…
2017-Jul-25 3:49pm
ME: RT : John McCain left hospital stay paid by taxes on flight paid by taxes to remove health insurance from taxpayers. And we p…
ME: RT : Save the date: September 21 is the 2017 Chicago Women in Technology Conference. https://t.co/eGVaSSr5xC
@akruley (Andrew Kruley): row the damn boat! https://t.co/kyOzMK6b1W
2017-Jul-24 10:57pm
@animalmarshall (Marshall): Then a different multi-syllabic word for when you give up because you fell asleep during the rewatch.
ME: Wanting to help someone but knowing they're going to be a dick to you about it until you finally prove to them your way is better.
ME: Listening just enough to catch the topic and tone of what someone is saying without being able to repeat the actual content.
ME: Things I need compound (German?) words for:
ME: RT : This compact black jaguar is parked illegally. A disgrace. https://t.co/JkXVep1Zdg
ME: Wu Tang was in the Rebel Alliance?
2017-Jul-21 9:14pm
ME: RT : This is the best video ever https://t.co/K065H6RJfQ
ME: "Is fireball just Ohio whiskey: distilled from trash?" - //cc:
2017-Jul-20 5:49pm
ME: Just posted a photo @ Stocks and Blondes https://t.co/pP7aTHcCgo
ME: Damn, son, thas
@woodardj (Jonathan Woodard): https://t.co/zLlCR5KoBZ
2017-Jul-19 10:26pm
ME: RT : Trent Reznor's name backwards is Ron Zertnert.
@woodardj (Jonathan Woodard): Perfect
ME: https://t.co/cmdI6IPTxv
2017-Jul-17 10:00pm
ME: Monsieur Melange... A Lot. //cc:
ME: "Go ahead and burn your candle at both ends, , but don't catch me on fire!"