2016-Oct-26 8:43pm
ME: I'm at in Chicago, IL https://t.co/gzzMHc83mE https://t.co/ylgue8lE0T
2016-Oct-24 9:08pm
@theladyjoules (Joules): I was informed that my spelling was incorrect. Ahem. Let's try that again: git rekt -f
@theladyjoules (Joules): git wrecked -f
2016-Oct-22 1:57pm
ME: RT : I want the Cubs to break the curse, but I want it to be the Curse of Tutankhamun.
2016-Oct-21 8:38pm
ME: I'm at Watershed in Chicago, IL https://t.co/T9jHJ7lyZO https://t.co/22AzHEPMs2
2016-Oct-20 8:22pm
ME: Now tell me whatcha gonna do.
@mitch_mclachlan (Mitch McLachlan): Bone bone bone bone bone bone…
ME: I'm at The Crossroads Bar & Grill - in Chicago, IL https://t.co/muO6sN6DAD https://t.co/6TxXLrp74C
ME: RT : Read this. Think about this. George H.W. Bush's gracious handoff to Bill Clinton. It's beautiful. https://t.co/XHjPvbzG…
2016-Oct-19 5:27pm
ME: Why did Kat Williams just hit a ground rule double for the Indians?
2016-Oct-18 7:00pm
@Rich_Barnes (Richard Barnes): it's not like it matters if she breaks something!
ME: "Her fuckin' body fell out!" //cc:
ME: I'm at Island Park in Ann Arbor, MI https://t.co/No3RNbOfX4 https://t.co/7AmbI9Esyn
2016-Oct-14 9:38pm
@mitch_mclachlan (Mitch McLachlan): He ain't wrong.
@theladyjoules (Joules): "All this HTML stuff is weird, especially the Doctype."
@GTPie (Grand Traverse Pie): What a delicious photo! Thanks for stopping in.
2016-Oct-13 8:54pm
ME: Why does Deion Sanders sound more like DMX-on Sanders?
ME: (@ North Peak Brewing Company in Traverse City, MI) https://t.co/uR8RYzaoRn https://t.co/l877ZjBCOm
@BrianKlymDDS (Dr. Brian Klym): RT@dj_c_check: (@ Chateau Chantal Winery Inn in Traverse City, MI) https://t.co/mSazhvsMyb https://t.co/1rsx82qzsO
ME: (@ Chateau Chantal Winery Inn in Traverse City, MI) https://t.co/ffWudklCYe https://t.co/s0Jv1FUqxJ
ME: (@ Left Foot Charley in Traverse City, MI) https://t.co/PyTthA0OG8 https://t.co/byrcl1V8HR