2017-Nov-13 1:04pm
ME: : "Anything is better than cupcakes. Kale is better than cupcakes." Preach.
ME: RT : I have a chrome extension that makes all of trump's tweets seem like they were written in crayon. This one is just a little…
2017-Nov-11 7:23pm
ME: RT : Media: lying Mueller: lying Comey: lying Obama: lying Clinton: lying Judges: lying Sex assault accusers: lying Scientists r…
ME: RT : A reminder that Roy Moore was astoundingly unfit to be a US Senator before these allegations.
2017-Nov-10 1:54pm
ME: RT : https://t.co/jqAMmjqK5B
2017-Nov-08 10:58pm
ME: "Her face is doing to my brain what arthritis does to joints; still works, kinda, but I really don't want to use it."
ME: RT : We...we don’t have that many players.
2017-Nov-05 6:21pm
ME: RT : One man owes more in back taxes than the entire 2018 budget of the National Science Foundation. Let that sink in. https:…
@GregStolze (Greg Stolze): ...and people who realize that the C-word moves units. And you can belong to more than one group!
@GregStolze (Greg Stolze): Yeah, pretty much that. There are three groups in play: Serious horroristas; people who love… https://t.co/DzQvZUya28
@woodardj (Jonathan Woodard): That seem right, ? That was tough to get into 140
@woodardj (Jonathan Woodard): "Why is there a new Cthulhu game every week?" "They sell" "Why not use Erick Zahn or TCooS?… https://t.co/GvHyA0JAUS
2017-Nov-04 9:50pm
ME: "PJ AJ RJ Backslashinforth Fleck V" -
ME: Why is it so impossible for productions to actually have liquid in a cup on screen? Is it really that much of a hazard?
2017-Oct-31 7:06pm
ME: had issue w/ created players having random photo b4, made space on team 1st to avoid, but 1.04 update adds random photos again
2017-Oct-30 8:33pm
ME: "Okay, so the Pomeranian is now flanking the skeleton." //cc:
ME: "@MillerLite is basically beer-flavored " - //cc:
ME: Hey , why are all of your FIFA 2018 career manager mode agents and managers old white dudes? It's... 2018. //cc:
2017-Oct-29 6:58pm
ME: RT : https://t.co/k5JbpWpSeF
ME: Also child actor (Millie) Bobby Brown, and The New Edition Story child actor, Caleb McLaughlin, bu… https://t.co/kAHEShOk4Y
ME: Yo, can I get a Twitter-length summary?
ME: I like to mix up my routine. Sometimes I do free weights. Sometimes I take 2 months off. (@ Lakeview Athletic Club) https://t.co/gTAWnxSiDF
2017-Oct-21 10:47pm
ME: "What happened?" "Homie played a drum solo with his ass and got a concussion. Sister's dead, girlfriend got real salty."