@mitch_mclachlan (Mitch McLachlan): Sometimes you eat the fortune, and sometimes the fortune eats you. https://t.co/w7D9s4B8gI
ME: RT : What can I say? https://t.co/9Z0YZxkWDI
ME: RT : Did you know: the ENTIRETY of Designing for Performance is free online? https://t.co/0htenI6wwW handy web perf 101 referenc…
ME: Nephew: "myths are retired religions."
2017-Sep-13 10:44am
ME: Current mood: just ate the fortune along with my fortune cookie.
2017-Sep-11 10:03pm
ME: Is Big Hero 6 set in an alternate timeline where we just WWII?
ME: I'm at George W. Dunne National Golf Course in Oak Forest, IL w/ https://t.co/rIlPj5yZOd https://t.co/S7nyp9QXeE
2017-Sep-08 11:10pm
ME: RT : < 1 week away from finding out if our very own will win the ITA Citylights Technologist of the year https://t.co
ME: RT : they already did and it's called chrome https://t.co/BolaoH0iOY
2017-Sep-05 7:20pm
ME: As a kid I definitely believed "the forest" would have lots of vines hanging down for swinging.
ME: RT : Get your cowboy boots ready. Retweet for a chance to win flights to Nashville. 18+, US only. Rules: https://t.co/V4xOXM28p9…
2017-Sep-03 4:38pm
ME: RT : 1/ Thinking about the perception that front-end development isn't "real" development: it's gotten much harder to hire UI…
2017-Sep-01 10:50pm
ME: RT : The Hitchhiker's GUID to the Galaxy (86D22FCA-3E1A-4B5E-83EE-BF1FE1C6E496)