2016-Aug-28 12:49pm
ME: I'm at Bear Lake County Highlands in Bear Lake, MI https://t.co/8zKoe2gmI6 https://t.co/l8cdHUu37w
ME: I'm at Summer Microbrew & Music Festival in Traverse City, MI https://t.co/9XmvJ1yNqx https://t.co/VI9T2cgo2c
2016-Aug-24 3:40pm
@theladyjoules (Joules): You guys, David is the special guest on the new podcast! :D https://t.co/Pr5LPRHuaX
2016-Aug-21 6:30pm
ME: I'm at Greenbush Brewing Company - in Sawyer, MI https://t.co/6Nf7ZBi9ir https://t.co/G3A8i6SOyk
ME: I'm at Quail Ridge in Forest Hills, MI https://t.co/TrOrF8uXJS https://t.co/sBfXWDm3Zl
ME: @ Quail Ridge Golf Club | Ada & Grand Rapids, MI https://t.co/HjFv8BdtEm
2016-Aug-20 9:08pm
ME: Ironic. (@ Old Chicago in Grand Rapids, MI) https://t.co/DowEYtlPDR https://t.co/lsJ1TEVp6F
ME: I'm at Gray Skies Distillery in Grand Rapids, MI https://t.co/djFFkodK0C
ME: I'm at Creston Brewery in Grand Rapids, mi https://t.co/obYzz080Fc https://t.co/jngBiaCgV7
ME: Why aren't organic bananas called organananas?
ME: Watching the women's land polo gold medal match. looking like Pitch-o-mat 5000.
ME: I'm at The Falls in Kent City, MI https://t.co/fttcemOHCT https://t.co/Eg3K4vNDyk
2016-Aug-16 7:21pm
ME: I'm at Skinner Park in Chicago, IL w/ https://t.co/la98ORwMEV
2016-Aug-14 8:42pm
ME: Watch yourself, Costas. No Jamaican man will ever be as important as by Bob Marley was.
ME: sorry I doubted you, man. That was a tremendous run!
ME: Has anyone seen Rowdy Gaines and Tim Daggett in the same place at the same time?
ME: I'm at Hala Kahiki Tiki Bar & Lounge - in River Grove, IL w/ https://t.co/U7H8qMYwAE https://t.co/Qe6h5aa8dY
2016-Aug-13 2:49pm
ME: I'm at Johnny's Icehouse West in Chicago, IL https://t.co/mHTtUDsI7h https://t.co/RNidzUI0oy