2017-Oct-14 10:16pm
@theladyjoules (Joules): Bread yards are pretty nice too.
ME: I watch football to root against concussions.
ME: I prefer cake yards to all-purpose yards.
2017-Oct-13 10:07pm
ME: RT : https://t.co/gHaIgnjXmF
ME: RT : "Latency Numbers Every Programmer Should Know" It is hard for humans to get the picture until you translate it to "human number…
2017-Oct-12 9:05am
ME: RT : If Kid Rock runs as Republican Senator from Michigan Eminem should run against him as a Democrat and the debates should…
@jonophoff (Jon Ophoff): I hope your birthday isn't ruined by millennials in your office not getting your '80s references. https://t.co/jYyXD6BmIV
2017-Oct-09 2:38pm
ME: What if the clouds were stationary relative to the Earth's rotation?
@cta (cta): Sorry to hear; please tell the operator if happens again so they know & can fix/have repaired and make… https://t.co/J8pn6oGU69
ME: Too late, sorry. Not only did I bail to another, cooler car, but I've disembarked at this point. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@cta (cta): Please press the call button to tell the train operator right away. They can help!
ME: A/C definitely off/broken on the third car of this pink line train and it is dangerously hot in there...
2017-Oct-08 6:15pm
ME: Is it forward progress if the runner reaches the ball out but pulls it back on their own voluntarily? Not breaking the end zone plane, here.
2017-Oct-07 8:46am
ME: RT : Solve with HTML. If you can’t, solve w/ CSS. If you can’t solve w/ CSS, make sure it needs solving. If yes, solve w/ JavaS…
2017-Oct-06 8:42pm
@theladyjoules (Joules): : "I miss Michigan." Matt: "Why? You ARE Michigan."
ME: This tweet makes no sense unless you replace "just" with "lost." Then it's utterly profound and... makes no sense.