2018-Jan-16 8:55pm
ME: Will someone with more time and dedication please make a supercut of every time Albert shrieks in Birdcage? How doe… https://t.co/Ukl7OUhEL3
ME: I know speech to text has come a long way because it just correctly identified me saying "my mind is a swirling mia… https://t.co/jgZGamWjSg
2018-Jan-14 10:32pm
ME: I'm at Concrete Beach Brewery - in Miami, FL https://t.co/yT8w6TTxBh https://t.co/a2R50PMVoP
ME: Peruvian food spicy af (@ CVI.CHE 105 South Beach - in Miami Beach, FL) https://t.co/KrojfQyGno https://t.co/nFJWA2CeaI
ME: can I humbly suggest that you not treat dashes, em or otherwise, as part of words for the purpose of selecting text?
ME: Weekly job update: Enova is hiring a Enterprise Architect. Apply (or check out our ~9 other jobs) here:… https://t.co/Wodwr7rlbS
ME: I'm at The Social Club in Miami Beach, FL https://t.co/tc4Rjbi09X https://t.co/rlaHeFT20I
ME: RT : Lot of folks, from the alt-right to , think they’re making a great argument in the president’s defense tonight b…
2018-Jan-11 11:18pm
ME: RT : Here is my statement on the President’s comments today: https://t.co/EdtsFjc2zL
ME: RT : Nice! Web App Manifest now officially "In development" for WebKit aka "what was still missing for cross-platform PWAs on iOS."
ME: :[ You could just get two projectors? Or maybe use transparent printouts? Or a ruler? Doesn't Google Maps have a ruler?
ME: So getting walking directions between the two things and looking at the distance/time wasn't enough?