2017-Aug-21 11:31pm
ME: This is why I wasn't worried about seeing the eclipse today... Such great photos; better than what I saw. https://t.co/0Nq7hSYg9Q
ME: RT : Just to clarify, it would seem that not only did our president bankrupt the Secret Service, but funneled that money to his…
ME: Just saw a guy holding his eclipse-viewing glasses in front of his camera to protect the friend he was on facetime with. areyoukiddingme.jpg
ME: RT : The "average" page weight is now 3MB. I started a discussion thread on to dig deeper into this stat... https…
2017-Aug-18 11:57am
ME: The Dewey Text-imal System.
ME: RT : We had an incredible time hosting the today! They toured our office & learned all about tech history & careers
2017-Aug-12 4:35pm
ME: I'm at Chicago Yacht Club in Chicago, IL https://t.co/Atb2yA33Kp https://t.co/UGReLPa8Rd
ME: I'm at Belmont Harbor in Chicago, IL https://t.co/t0U7mFuEDX https://t.co/rKheQ5Ip3m
ME: I'm at Santorini in Chicago, IL https://t.co/K37IF90594
ME: Classic, skinny, coffee, jabroni. (@ Cactus Bar & Grill - in Chicago, IL) https://t.co/qFfHJ9zEfd https://t.co/WquMTb47
ME: RT : has he tried just not being dead https://t.co/4AFifVUT6r
2017-Aug-07 7:18pm
ME: "Encyclopedias don't even exist anymore." "Yeah, now we have Wikipedia Brown." //cc:
@dj_c_check (Curtis Hiller): "Encyclopedias don't even exist anymore." "Yeah, now we have Wikipedia Brown." //cc:
ME: 's current status: "warming up to almonds." //cc: