2018-Jul-14 5:20pm
ME: "We should revive the lost art of county adjudicating." -
ME: "It wasn't roadkill... More like road natural causes."
2018-Jul-03 9:54pm
ME: NTSC. Sounds good, I'll be at the bar.
ME: Despite what says, I tried putting alcohol in a Slurpee® and it was a damn disaster.… https://t.co/TgV5xotzCm
2018-Jun-28 7:59pm
ME: RT : Fortnite celebrations so overrated bro I had to create something new
2018-Jun-19 6:35pm
ME: What if you fried up a _red_ tomato in The South? Would a southerner just... have an aneurysm?
2018-Jun-18 8:20pm
ME: Bill Withers cover band front man: "Chicago... Y'all the realest people in the United States." Me: "I have done no… https://t.co/TKiWfQ61y0
ME: RT : We're proud to be ranked the midsize company and overall in training on the 2018 Best Places to Work in IT…
2018-Jun-17 7:23pm
ME: Small child at the gym: pancakes for dinner. Parent, dumb: we had pancakes for breakfast. Small child, Baby Geniu… https://t.co/4akoel9PzV
ME: I will if you will: pick a random number between 1 and your # of tweets and pin that tweet.
ME: I heard the poet laureate was named Tracy and my two guesses were Ullman and Morgan.
2018-Jun-08 8:51am
ME: RT : New Study Finds Running For 20 Minutes Each Day Could Add Years Of Soreness To Life https://t.co/zCQMpD2jgY https://t.co/qGc3…
ME: RT : hello, here is my favorite piece of art i've seen all year: “frog” by matsumoto hoji. edo period. 1814. i love this frog!!!…