ME: Cardinal Richelieu was basically Cardinal Fancypants.
2018-Oct-15 10:27pm
ME: "Welcome back, nerd."
2018-Oct-13 9:43pm
ME: "[Brady Quinn] looks like the bad, douchey guy in every rom-com." -
2018-Oct-12 12:11pm
ME: Rice landing on a Paper plate sounds to my ear Like rain on a roof
2018-Oct-11 8:58pm
ME: I suspect that with two months of preparation I could be a better quarterback than Eli Manning. Try me, motherfuckers.
2018-Oct-01 9:31pm
ME: That is absolutely gorgeous.
2018-Sep-30 1:15pm
ME: More like jeans tightness.
2018-Sep-25 8:39pm
ME: Does it bother anyone else that "The Breakfast Club" had lunch together... but not breakfast?
2018-Sep-24 5:34pm
ME: I just said, "if they're going to hand you ammo make sure you don't shoot yourself in the foot with it" and I want… https://t.co/HJOngqQuUU
2018-Sep-22 12:01pm
ME: Do people who pronounce orange "aringe" also pronounce Oregon "Areginn"?
2018-Sep-21 5:25pm
ME: Glen Campbell is to country what Drake is to rap.
ME: THE FUTURE... I guess? I don't remember that being much of an aspect of the books later, but admittedly h… https://t.co/80K74elwLN
2018-Sep-17 6:55pm
ME: Kids these days. "Millennials are killing the... ' food(?)' Industry".
ME: Can I please just buy you a _good_ chicken sandwich the old fashioned way (from a truckstop vending machine, obviously)?
ME: Yes? I don't remember it being gross...